Category of Event

Performing Arts

Dance, Drama & Dreams – The three D’s are a way of living life. It’s all about self-expression, exploring your inner talent, chasing dreams with abundant options and embracing individuality. Walk into the process of having fun while living to the fullest.
1. Dance solo: Dance is the hidden language of the soul. Dance till your shoes wear off!
2. Dance duet: Express yourself with the moves you got along with your partner. Dancing will definitely boost your mood, would help you to forget everything around you.
3. Dance Group: Dancing is a fantastic way to lose yourself in the vibrating rhythm of the music. Here at Utsav, you have an exclusive opportunity to simply enjoy the moment.
4. Music (solo): A voice is an instrument in itself. A song can change lives. Can yours too?
5. Music (duet/group): What could be better than two or more angelic voice blending in to create a melodic treat for our ears?
6. Single instrument: That one beautiful chord, that one beat is all we need to immerse into a different journey and live the moment.
7. Rage of Rappers: Rap is poetry in motion; it is a portion of emotion which gets you in the motion. Own the stage, ya’ll!
8. Battle of bands: The more the merrier, how about an army of musicians coming together to give you the best songs of your life.
9. Fashion show: Are you a fashionista, up-to-date with Vogue? Here’s an opportunity to influence the world with your own styles and ravishing designs of attire at Utsav.

Fine Arts

Fine art helps us understand the intricacies of human nature and the elements required to ease out the complex-self. The attention to detail and patience always pay off good.
1. Fabric Painting: Art is an undeniable path towards happiness and it’s so elegantly beautiful to blend it with a diversity of things, like what’s more mesmerizing than fabric painting?
2. Tattoo art: The human body is a beautiful blank canvas. If you have the skills to turn this canvas into a masterpiece, here’s an opportunity for you.
3. Rangoli: The tradition of Rangoli has been kept alive because it has passed from one generation to another generation. It all depends on what vibe you want to give out and how you articulate your creativity with powder colors.


“Everything is created twice, first in mind and then in reality.” Unspoken thoughts tend to create a beautiful illusion in an individual’s mind, which give birth to mindful literature, Let’s move the world with our words, express until we surprise ourselves!
1. Stand-Up comedy: Stress on your mind? Well, we all got issues. So just take a chill pill and have a stress buster. At Utsav we believe, a standup comic can make anyone smile. Utsav offers you the best way to keep all your worries at the bay!
2. Poetry: Painting is silent poetry and poetry is painting that speaks, it’s the best way to express what you feel, best way to let yourself get soaked in right kind of drug, best way to get lost in the realm of yourself. Here’s an amazing opportunity to pen down your legendary pieces of art and delve into the depth, the beauty of the poems!
3. JAM: A whim followed by a WHAM! Present the external flash of your imagination, thus it’s witty characteristic of mysticism. Just a minute (JAM) is an island and wit is your treasure beyond any measure to showcase at Utsav 2020!
4. Extempore: The essence of pleasure in speaking is its spontaneity. Why not seize the pleasure at once and swing life? Acquire the dozen of stares with your spontaneity since it’s more rewarding and intriguing than a prepared speech.
5. Creative Writing: There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. It isn’t ever because you chose writing but because the writing chose you. Just go with the flow at Utsav’s creative writing event.
6. Acting: Here’s the beauty of acting- you can be whoever you want and however you want. So you can just do that, here at an extravagant festival of Utsav!


Everyone is gifted yet most of them are unaware of their gifts, all it takes a little bit of courage and a slight risk of losing yourself in order to explore and find your real blooming self.
1. Mr & Ms. Utsav Pageant: You are unique, just like everybody else. So put on your star shoes and earn that crown.


Mental wellness is as critical as physical health. Participating in recreational activities helps to manage stress. Take time to nurture yourself while providing a sense of balance and self-esteem. Breath. Listen. And vent out that anxiety and stress.
1. Minute to win it: It clearly embeds the meaning of living life and each moment at its fullest. “Forever” is merely a span of time but a sense of feeling which lasts forever. So emerge as a winner as you play the short games.
2. Treasure hunt: The world is full of obvious things which no one by any chance ever observes. Bring out your detective side this Utsav.
3. Human ludo: Roll the dice and make your move. It gets interesting when you literally are the token.
4. Laser tag: Stealth your way out and play defensive or pull the trigger and attack! This fun-filled game will definitely get you addicted.
5. Arm wrestling: Work out the strength to pin your fellow competitors’ hands on the table. Are you ready to show off your vigor ?
6. Weightlifting: Well, it’s not going to lift itself. How much heavy can you endure? See you at the weightlifting competition.
7. Devil’s circuit: Life is full of obstacles and so is this game. Leap over, dodge or slide beneath the obstacles and cross the finish line. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Join the devil’s circuit.
8. Tik tok Masters: The more contemporary and innovative somethings gets, the more creative it becomes and Tiktok provides you a platform to encase your spectrum of creative ideas and flood it with your artistic approach with acres of fun, music and magic!
9. Dance battle: Win this battle with your moves. Get ready to pop-and-lock, tip-toe or freestyle your way through!


Technical skill is the mastery of complexity. Technicality brings the excitement, helps look into the future, and makes us brave enough to try to shape it. The whole idea is not about the choice between using or not using, the challenge is to use it right!
1. TPP: It all starts with an idea. Showcase your paper on the evolution of innovations, trends and creative ideas here at Utsav.
2. Project competition: It is said that the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. And Utsav brings forth to you a platform to present the projects you created.
3. Poster presentation: Making a poster requires skills of creating a paper that speaks to anyone who glances at it. Challenging enough for you?
4. Robo War: If you’re the brains and your robot is the brawn, well, Utsav’s Robo War is just for you. Enter into action-packed combat and subdue your enemy.
5. Turn A Coat: For some, it’s a 6, while others describe it as a 9. No one’s right, no one’s wrong. Here is an opportunity to choose your side.
6. Kahoot: It’s Quiz Time! Put your knowledge to test by engaging in this oh-so interactive event, Kahoot!
7. Bob the Builder: Can we build it? Yes, we can! Join the crew and build your model but watch out for the clock. Tik Tok!
8. Power tower: With great power comes great tower. Can your tower model contain a future inside? Show us what you got at the Power Tower.
9. Bridge the gap: The true beauty of the world is to complete the incomplete. Unite the resources and bridge the gap.
10. CAD masters: We know you have a plan! CAD is a visual art designed virtually. Up for it?
11. Tricky circuits: Spark up your day by putting together some elements and wiring up through the loops to create a complete circuit. Amplify your knowledge by entering the Tricky circuits.


Coding gives new perspective to problem solving. The difficulties in profound structure of life is like the code we need to decipher with a cheerfulness and alertness of mind.
1. Blind coding: Instinct is something that transcends knowledge. Can you trust your coding instincts even with screen blackout? Take up this challenge and enter Utsav’s blind coding.
2. Blind faith: Bonds have special vibes in them. Blind faith will help in making this connection stronger. With patience, understanding and complete faith in yourself and your team, enter this dark screened event.
3. Debugger: Mistakes have the power to make a better you. Debug the errors while learning from them.
4. Switch code: Change is the only constant in life. Switch up the language and discover how diverse yet similar the codes appear.
5. Code Feast 2.0: Enlighten yourselves with best of the coding problems. Up for the challenge? Register for code feast 2.0.


What’s more better than improvising concentration & decision-making tactics, along with having a lot of fun. Utsav won’t miss out the gamers.
1. PUBG Duo/ Squad: It’s the survival of the fittest. Snipe, shoot, drive, blow off grenades-indulge into a complete action packed game. Join the game, your chicken dinner is waiting for you.
2. NFS: An adrenaline-fueled, vibrant racing game where the lines of law fade as sun starts to set. Let’s check your need for speed!
3. DOTA 2: Success is 20% skill and 80% strategy. Get your strategies straight as things are about to go wild. Can you survive this exhilarating game?
4. CS: Choose your role as a terrorist, counter-terrorist or simply a spectator whilst completing your mission. An edge-of-the-seat game of CS is not to be missed.
5. FIFA: Let’s play football indoors. Kick the ball and goal! Join us in Utsav’s FIFA Football.


In sports lies the real challenge using the brains along with the brawns. Boosting physical health, building teamwork skills, improving mental tactics-sports comes with the complete package. From athletes running to games like cricket and football to indoor ones like carom and chess, Utsav has it all.